I’m proud to announce that eleven of my bills have been signed into law by Governor Brown. These bills address a wide range of issues from improving access to medical facilities and affordable housing to animal welfare and transparency in government.
I am proud to say I have a record of being able to get things done in Sacramento. Despite all the partisanship you hear about, there are opportunities to reach across the aisle to find solutions to very real problems.
In addition to these bills being signed into law, I was also proud  to have authored ACR 63, which dedicated a 4.57 mile stretch of I-15 as Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.
The Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway will be traveled by thousands of vehicles each day, and the new signs will serve as a visual reminder of the lasting impact Gwynn made on our community.
I hope you’ll take a moment to review the various bills that I’ve authored this past year. As always, please feel free to contact me at any time atbrian@brianforassembly.com.


Brian Maienschein
AB 169: This bill establishes key standards for local agencies seeking to modernize their disclosure and transparency practices. Adopting these improved standards will ensure that government information is accessible and can be easily utilized by the public.

AB 217: This bill requires the juvenile dependency court to inform a minor that he or she has the right to address the court and participate in a legal hearing, ensuring that the child will be able to make his or her voice heard to ensure the best possible outcome.

AB 316: This bill allows authorities responding to large-scale animal cruelty cases to call upon out of state veterinarians licensed in good standing to care for animals seized and allow for the establishment of temporary shelter facilities.

AB 447: This bill makes it illegal for an insurance provider to deny habitation insurance to a property owner or landlord on the basis that a tenant or tenants of the property participate in the Section 8 voucher or some other low-income housing subsidy program.

AB 494: This bill extends protections to companion animals of protected parties in restraining orders issued in juvenile dependency cases, civil harassment cases, and elder abuse cases. The bill will ensure that both pets and their abused guardians are safer because of the expansion of protections to pets in all types of restraining orders in California.

AB 506: This bill avoids business disputes by clarifying a blurry line for businesses deciding which version of Limited Liability Company Act should govern their business at any given time.

AB 778: This bill allows veterans to request military documents from the county recorder’s office with a digital request to promote easier access to veteran’s services.

AB 1147: This bill permits medically-fragile adults to remain at their pediatric care facility even after they turn 22 years of age. The bill would guarantee the continuity of care this population desperately needs and ensure the continuance of the same level of reimbursement for these services, which are less than the state would pay for institutional care for adults.

AB 1211: This bill increases the number of allowed beds in Congregate Living Health Facilities from 12 to 18 beds. This would increase access to medical care and treatment for persons who are mentally alert but have physical disabilities, persons who have a diagnosis of terminal illness or a life-threatening illness, or persons who are catastrophically and severely disabled without sending them to state run institutions.

AB 1320: This bill helps to allow the KaaBoo music festival to operate at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The four-day event is expected to generate approximately $1.5 million in sales tax revenues from the sale of merchandise, food, vending, parking and lodging.

AB 1403: This bill allows a private, non-profit corporation that provides services to homeless persons to enter into a Joint Powers Agreement with a public agency to provide housing and care services to homeless persons who most frequently utilize public services.

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